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Gin Scorekeeper Deluxe

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"Score Your Game"

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Make Life Easy

No more need for pen and paper for gin players. Gin scorekeeping just got easy and fun on your phone or tablet. The Gin Scorekeeper Deluxe is an app loaded with features for all kinds of gin games and players. Whether you play one on one OR as a team of two or more. It will also keep track of wagering by line and game in total.

Enter the score at the completion of each hand and Gin Scorekeeper Deluxe will do the rest.

  • Track games for you and your friends
  • Setup mini-tournament play
  • Generate leaderboards and have fun
  • About GinScorekeeper Deluxe is run by committed professionals with long and extensive experience in gaming. We recognized a unique opportunity in enhancing player experience with a forward-looking attitude towards new methods, procedures and technologies. Our software enhances organization skills of the organizer, engagement for the players, and excitement for the fans.

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